Meet the Executive Head

“I believe it is important to provide many opportunities for pupils to be empowered to take increased ownership of their learning, they are heard with their ideas on how to improve the education offer and we ensure they are best prepared for the next stage of their education”

- Aaron Wright

  • BSc Sports Science, NPQH
  • Teacher from 2004 - 2009
  • Senior Leader 2009 - 2013
  • Deputy Headteacher - 2013-2014
  • Head of school - 2014 -2019
  • Executive Head (Brook House and Leigh Beck Junior School) - 2019  

I see the role of Executive Headteacher as very much a privilege to lead such a dedicated team and remain so proud of the continued care, guidance and support they all give – day in day out. Developing our pupils to be Assessment Proficient -  across all key stages, is in our DNA as Lion Trust schools.  When children are empowered to take increased ownership and self-regulate their learning - and can articulate what it means to be a learner in one of our schools, that is a real measure of the successful impact we have as leaders of learning.  

I am driven by a passion for broadening the curriculum and learning opportunities for all our pupils - through a wide range of clubs, off-site visits and in-school activities - but also to maintain the highly inclusive ethos we foster in every setting.

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What does leading two primary schools mean to you?

Leading two primary schools is a fantastic opportunity to collaborate and share
best teaching practice and have a positive impact on so many
pupil’s educational achievements. 

It also provides the opportunity to have a wider positive impact across more
than one community. 

What is the one thing about your two Primary Schools you wish more people could see or experience?

Our school’s teams take great pride in contributing to a purposeful and vibrant learning environment and ensure pupils have access to the highest quality resources to flourish and thrive.


What are you the most proud of achieving in your tenure as Executive Head of School at Brook House Primary and Leigh Beck Junior Schools?

I take great pride in the way we are relentlessly proactive with continuously enhancing the curriculum for all pupils to further enrich and broaden their primary school educational experiences.

“We celebrate diversity and inclusivity within our school communities - it remains so important for me to provide a wide range of parental engagement opportunities including effective and tailored support for our parents and carers and making them highly valued partners in their children’s learning .”

Aaron Wright