Meet the team

Senior Leadership Team

Executive Head Teacher: Mr Aaron Wright
Acting Deputy Head Teacher: Ms McHiggins
Assistant Head Teacher (Inclusion): Ms Leggett
Raising Standards Lead: Ms Hook
Raising Standards Lead: Mr John-Baptiste

Administrative Staff Team

Operations Manager (Essex Hub): Ms Egleton
Senior Administrator (Essex Hub): Ms Sims
Attendance/Data Officer: Mrs Gray
Admin Assistant: Miss Gibbins

Teaching Staff Team

Year 3
Emerald: Morgan Rosario        
Sapphire: Jackie Jones
Topaz: Melissa Bruce

Year 4
Emerald: Bethany Dunwell 
Sapphire: Kirsty Frost
Topaz: Robyn Hayes

Year 5
Emerald: Eleanor Davidson
Sapphire: Charlotte Smithson
Topaz: Joel White

Year 6
Emerald: Nicola Leggett
Sapphire: Jerrie Hook
Topaz: Justin John-Baptiste

Teaching, Pastoral and Learning Support Assistant Team

Learning Mentor: Ms Channon
HLTA: Ms Ager

Learning Support Assistants
Mr Baker
Ms Gulliford
Ms Davies
Ms Perkes

Midday Assistants/Extended Services

Ms Grant- Extended Services Lead
Ms Sadler - Breakfast Club Assistant
Ms Brett - Teatime Club Assistant

Midday Assistants
Ms Brett
Ms Crockett
Ms Lambourne
Ms Mansie
Ms Petty
Ms Roe
Ms Mackay
Ms Stacey
Ms Thomas 

Site Support Staff

Site Services Officer (Essex Hub):Mr Hubbard
Caretaker: Mr Henderson
Site Maintenance: Mr Bradley

Ms Brake
Ms Brown
Ms Mansie
Ms Mackay