Meet the team

Senior Leadership Team

Executive Head Teacher: Mr Wright
Acting Head of School: Mrs Crump 
Acting Deputy Head Teacher: Ms McHiggins
Assistant Head Teacher (Inclusion): Ms Leggett
Raising Standards Lead: Ms Hook
Raising Standards Lead: Mr John-Baptiste

Administrative Staff Team

Operations Manager (Essex Hub): Ms Egleton
Senior Administrator (Essex Hub): Ms Sims
Attendance/Data Officer: Mrs Gray
Admin Assistant: Miss Gibbins

Teaching Staff Team

Year 3
Emerald:  Jackie Jones
Sapphire: Emily Coan
Topaz: Eleanor Davidson

Year 4
Emerald: Bethany Dunwell 
Sapphire: Kirsty Frost
Topaz: David Tighe

Year 5
Emerald: Charlotte Smithson
Sapphire: Kinny Morrissey 
Topaz: Robyn Hayes

Year 6
Emerald: Nicola Harrison
Sapphire: Jerrie-Louise Hook
Topaz: Justin John-Baptiste

Teaching, Pastoral and Learning Support Assistant Team

Learning Mentor: Ms Channon

Young Carer Champions: Mrs Crump is our Senior Leadership Lead and Mrs Gray is our school Operational Lead 

Ms Ager

Learning Support Assistants
Mr Baker
Ms Gulliford
Ms Thomas

Midday Assistants/Extended Services

Ms Grant- Extended Services Lead
Ms Sadler - Breakfast Club Assistant
Ms Brett - Teatime Club Assistant

Midday Assistants
Ms Brett
Ms Crockett
Ms Lambourne
Ms Mansie
Ms Petty
Ms Roe
Ms Mackay
Ms Stacey

Site Support Staff

Site Services Officer (Essex Hub):Mr Hubbard
Site Services Officer: Mr Henderson

Ms Brake
Ms Brown
Ms Mansie
Ms Mackay
Ms Roe